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What Legal Services will you need?

Business operators usually need a range of legal structures to regulate and protect their activities. These can include joint venture contracts, product distribution contracts, website trading conditions, website promotion and competition conditions and privacy statements.

Grinstons Lawyers has the necessary skills and experience to do this, at all times aiming to use clear language and avoid tedious legal jargon!

Here are some key aspects of these business law structures:-

  • Joint ventures-it’s important for a joint venture contract to spell out clearly the obligations that each participant will take on, the financial and other contributions of each participant to the joint venture and the limits of their responsibility to rectify any performance issues.
  • Product distribution contracts-these must clearly distinguish between an exclusive or non-exclusive arrangement and set out the performance targets for the distributor and the events in which the arrangement can be brought to an end.
  • Website trading terms- it’s important for product sellers and service providers to set out clearly the limits of their performance warranties for their products and services and the extent of their responsibility to rectify any claimed failure to achieve stated performance levels.
  • Competitions and Promotions-an advertiser must clearly set out the eligibility requirements for entry, the criteria for an entrant to qualify for a prize or reward and a process for handling any claims and disputes.
  • Website Privacy Statements-Any organisation that is governed by the Privacy Act must set out all required details about how it will collect, store and may use its customers’ personal data, to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.


Does your organisation need Legal Training?

David Grinston is a qualified trainer with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

His approach is to create training modules that are readily understood and relevant to trainees in their common work roles.

David has specialised in corporate and competition law compliance training and has presented training modules to the following organisations:

David has also held positions as a tutor in the business faculty at the University of Technology Sydney and in the practical training programme for lawyers at the Australian National University Canberra and as a corporate trainer for Kaplan Professional Sydney.