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Grinstons- a Sydney North Shore business law firm with a 25 year record of producing clear and concise contracts for its clients.

We firmly believe that well-prepared legal documents should ‘speak for themselves’ and that clients should be able to understand and use them without having to frequently consult their lawyers for costly explanations.

“If you engage Grinstons Lawyers and expect to find lots of legal ‘mumbo jumbo’ in our documents, you will be pleasantly surprised!” says David Grinston, the firm’s Principal.

Grinstons has developed a suite of documents commonly needed by small to medium sized business owners. Wherever possible, we aim to customise these documents to suit our clients’ needs, rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ at unnecessary expense for our clients.

Our clients therefore benefit from the time and effort that we have invested into developing these documents.

This allows us to offer a highly competitive and cost-efficient legal service.

PLEASE NOTE-Our liability is limited by a scheme approved under NSW Professional Standards Legislation.